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I love being the benefactor of so much talent and I hope I can contribute as well

I love being the benefactor of so much talent and I hope I can contribute as well

Hi All, Looking forward to another stimulating and creative learning experience with LCL2. I’m a 30+ year K-12 educator, mostly teaching programming and other computer skills. Over the past year I’ve become enraptured by the Maker movement (a romance helped along by LCL1) and am spending much time and effort exploring things like 3D printing, Arduino, LEDs, etc..

I participated in LCL last year and fell in love with it to the point that my husband bought me an Arduino for Christmas

I’m an education specialist at Helix, an offsite laboratory of the Exploratorium where we are testing a model for a small community science center that provides inquiry and experimentation experiences for an intergenerational learning community. I’m also first time father to a newborn who is learning about the world.

More greetings from Seattle (USA)– My name is Jeff, and I’m an educational technologist at an independent school for students aged 10-18. This year I’m starting a tinkering/making program and space, as well as coaching students and teachers alt.com sex app on tech-enhanced pedagogy and curriculum.

Hello friends! I’m Stacey – I work for a search engine returning to the course for a second time! I really look forward to sharing this course with all of you! Feel free to connect w/ me on linkedin as well:

Hi I’m Catherine, and I’m actually not a cat. I’m interested in neural networks (as in brains, not computers) and connections to creativity and learning, as well as Design Based Learning and maker stuff – which if combined you could call an interest in The Maker’s Brain. (I gave a presentation at the Links conference at the Media Lab last fortunate enough to work at the New York Hall of Science.