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It has been half dozen ages as the people cardiovascular illnesses having either off you

It has been half dozen ages as the people cardiovascular illnesses having either off you

« The Nearly Magic » – Linus Pauling

We constantly rating a clean bill off wellness from your Drs. Naturally they aren’t in search of everything we are trying to do.

Recommendations portray a cross-section of your selection of results that seem to be typical following the Pauling’s guidance. Efficiency may vary depending upon fool around with and you can union.

If your doctor tells you that the concept « was not shown, » you should know that it has not been studied. Extremely it a good completion from the you to or all of our really a good boffins could have been ignored. No one seems which does not work! Or you can end up being tame, like many anybody one which just, and you can say-nothing into the doctor and you will let her or him imagine the treatments for some reason has worked. — Owen Fonorow

We are obligated to pay a deep loans regarding appreciation because of it secret so you’re able to America’s best researcher, the latest later Linus Pauling, Ph.D., with his German user Matthias Rath, MD.

Pauling/Rath Patents

  • 5,278,189 – Prevention and Treatments for Heart disease which have Ascorbate and you may Substances one to Inhibit the new Joining regarding Lipoprotein(a)
  • 5,230,996 – The means to access Ascorbate and you can (Lysine) for Organ and Blood-vessel Treatment Prior to Transplantation.
  • 5,650,418 – Therapeutic Lysine Sodium Constitution and you will Type Play with

Will it Really be Very easy?

Briefly, researchers discovered cholesterol lysine-binding-sites that lead to heart disease. Medical doctors have heard about the « lysine binding sites », but they aren’t told that these receptors are Only found on one form of cholesterol; a sticky form of LDL cholestrol called Lp(a).